Mooncrest Industries Catalogue

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Mooncrest Industries Catalogue

Post  Blake Mooncrest on Tue Oct 09, 2012 7:21 pm

Mooncrest Industries can supply the following:
Colony Flatpacks
We have available:
Power Plants: Gen 3
Habitat Units: Gen 2, Gen 3
Edibles Plants: Gen 2, Gen 3
Water Purifiers: Gen 2, Gen 3
Comms Arrays: Gen 3
Shield Generators: Gen 3
Storage Units: Gen 3
Mining Units: Gen 2
Processing Plants: Gen 3
Manufacturing Plants: Gen 3
Research Centres: Gen 3
Refinery Plants: Gen 3
Landing Pad: Gen 1

These Colony Flatpacks are competitively priced at:
All Gen 1 CFP: 15,000cr each
All Gen 2 CFP: 20,000cr each
All Gen 3 CFP: 25,000cr each

Ship Parts
Jump Drives: Small and Large
Navigational Computers: Various to suit our Jump Drives
Thrusters: Small and Large
Life Support Systems: Small and Large
Reserve Power Generator
Salvage Crane - Small and Large
Please request stats before ordering as these items are constantly being researched.
All NaviComps will fit any size of hull.

Ship Hulls
Cargo Shuttle
Palatial Dreadnought

Statistics and prices on application or see catalogue in the Trader Forum of the Official OE Fora.

Manufacturing Materials
From time to time we will have surplus Manufacturing Materials available for sale. Please do not hesitate to enquire if you have a requirement for such materials.
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