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Post  Blake Mooncrest on Mon May 20, 2013 7:59 pm

The League of Gentlemen [LoG] is a faction/guild/company of Outer Empires. Outer Empires  is a MMORPG based in space. The game is a "sandbox" type game where the player determines his/her own destiny. There are various missions to perform which allow the player to gain Credits, the monetary unit used in the game, and to gain XP, which allows the player to gain rank and thus a licence to pilot better ships.

Players may trade commodities between that various Star Stations. They can develop a colonial empire to mine resources, research technology, and manufacture items to be sold to other players. They can become pirates, scourge of the spaceways. The pilot's imagination is the only limit to what is possible.

Outer Empires is currently playable from a browser, Chrome is the preferred browser, on a PC or Android tablet or iPad. You can also access Outer Empires from Facebook.

Outer Empires home page is at www.outer-empires.com

Outer Empires Facebook page is at apps.facebook.com/outerempires
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