Information Required to Apply to The League of Gentlemen

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Information Required to Apply to The League of Gentlemen

Post  Bandar on Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:10 am

If you wish to be considered by The League of Gentlemen for membership of the faction, please provide the following information:

Name, Gender, Current Rank and your preferred playing style i.e. Combat, Manufacturing, Researching, Mining etc.

Have you any prior experience of Outer Empires? i.e. are you a veteran pilot from OE1.

Your timezone, so we know when you can be expected to be on and how often you expect to be able to participate.

A list of space-worthy ship hulls would not go amiss, as well.

If accepted, you will enter a probationary period of unspecified length.

You should be aware that, if you are a found to be traitor or a mole, those who sent you will also pay the price for your treason.

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